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Photo Booth Support was created out of the need for emergency technical support by new and experienced photo booth operators.  Many manufacturers, vendors, and software developers do not provide support when a photo booth is out at an event.  We are available when others are not.  We are a team of current photo booth rental business owners who have significant industry experience.  All of us have significant IT backgrounds and can work toward ensuring your photo booth runs flawlessly at every event.  Give us a call if you’re having trouble at an event and let us know how we can help.

How Do You Provide Support?

We provide support via email, phone, chat, or remote access to your photo booth. You can choose the method that works best for your business needs.

What Type of Support Do You Offer?

We offer ongoing support plans that are geared toward long-term success for your business.  There are no one-time emergency support options.  Each and every customer that we do business with is an ongoing relationship between our business and yours.  Click here to see current support options.



What Software and Hardware Do You Support?

We support Breeze, Darkroom, Photo Booth Solutions, and Photoboof.  We have friendly working relationships with these companies but we are not directly affiliated with them.  All PC hardware, all major dye sublimation printers, and all Canon cameras are supported in the role of use under photo booth operation.    

Meet The Team

Ben Blomgren

Ben Blomgren


Ben’s 8 years of experience in the IT sector includes emergency field service server repair for fortune 50 companies.  He also holds a degree in Economics and owns a profitable photo booth company.  From years of experience in business and IT he is properly positioned to support the industry by providing assistance to customers who need a hand when their booths aren’t functioning properly.

Gregory Burt

Gregory Burt

Vice President

Not only does Gregory own his own photo booth company in Minneapolis, Minnesota – he also has an extensive knowledge with computer hardware, software and networking that spans over the past 10+ years. Gregory treats each support call as if it was his own booth company calling, ensuring that a client’s problem is fixed in a precise and timely fashion. He enjoys learning Russian and Ukrainian, traveling the world and repairing vintage motorcycles.

Tony Mueller

Tony Mueller

Vice President

Tony owns his own photo booth and event photography company in St. Louis, Missouri where he specializes in corporate events and subcontracting booths and services to other entertainment booking companies. Tony is a professional videographer and editor by trade for nearly 20 years and has been in the photo booth business since 2008. A bit of a workaholic, he enjoys photography, graphic design, and building things, especially photo booths!